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Bluetooth KS-E680 Wireless 1-D Barcode Laser Scanner



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The 1-D POS-Smart KS-E680 wireless laser barcode scanner is a tool for working in a wide range of conditions: from sales floors to warehouses. Its main advantages are mobility and versatility, thanks to which it is able to optimize the processes of scanning, storing and managing data.

Wireless connectivity: Provides freedom of movement while working.
Compatible with Android and iOS: Allows the scanner to be used with a wide range of mobile devices, making it optimal for integration into different workflows.
Durable lithium battery: Up to 12 hours of active power reserve ensures continuous use without the need for frequent recharging.
Fast and convenient connection: Easy to set up a wireless connection by scanning the QR code from the instructions included in the kit.
Space-saving: Eliminating the need for additional cables keeps your workspace free from unnecessary clutter.

The KS-E680 wireless scanner from POS-Smart is a good choice for businesses that value efficiency, speed and flexibility in data management. Its easy integration into existing workflows makes this tool an important assistant in various fields of activity.

Your order will be delivered within 1-3 business days using the Nova Poshta service. This allows you to receive the goods as quickly and conveniently as possible, regardless of your location.

We offer several payment options to make the process of purchasing our products as convenient as possible for you:

Advance payment on invoice with VAT

You can prepay on an invoice that includes VAT. This payment method is suitable for legal entities and organizations that keep accounting records including VAT.

Advance payment according to the details of the FOP (without VAT)

For private entrepreneurs (PPOs), an option of prepayment with details excluding VAT is available. This payment method allows you to minimize additional tax costs and simplifies the payment process.

We strive to make cooperation with us simple and transparent. If you have any questions or need additional information, our team is always ready to help.

We provide a 1-year warranty on our products. Warranty service covers factory defects or equipment malfunctions that are not caused by the user.

The warranty is not provided in the following cases:

  • The integrity of the warranty seals has been violated.
  • There is mechanical or other damage caused by intentional or negligent actions of the buyer or third parties.
  • The rules of use set out in the operational documents have been violated.
  • Unauthorized opening, repair or alteration of internal communications and components of the product, design or schematics of the product have been made.
  • The serial or IMEI number stored in the product’s memory has been changed, erased or cannot be set.

Warranty obligations do not cover the following malfunctions:

  • Natural wear and tear or exhaustion of the resource.
  • Accidental damage caused by the customer or damage caused by careless handling or use (liquid exposure, dust, foreign objects entering the case, etc.).
  • Damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena).
  • Damage caused by an emergency voltage increase or decrease in the mains or incorrect connection to the mains.
  • Damage caused by defects in the system in which the product was used or caused by connecting and connecting the product to other products.
  • Damage caused by the use of the product not for its intended purpose or in violation of the rules of operation.

We always strive to ensure the high quality of our products and are ready to help you with any questions regarding warranty service.

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