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Privacy Policy

1. General provisions

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) was developed by ASIDJS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (hereinafter referred to as the “Online Service Operator”) in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, including, but not limited to, the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” dated June 1, 2010 No. 2297-VI regarding Users of the online service “PayKit” and the mobile application “PayKit”, located at the link – (hereinafter – the “Online Service”) and establishes the procedure for receiving , collection, accumulation, storage, processing, use, protection and disclosure of personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) of Users of the Online Service.

Data means any information directly or indirectly related to a specific User. This can be: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, region of residence, IP address, device data (computer, browser type, mobile device operating system) used by the User, messages (information that contained in correspondence between Users, as well as in correspondence with the Operator of the online service), other information with the help of which communication is carried out, which, at the User’s request, is provided by him using the registration form and/or when entering information into the Personal account of the User of the online service, when writing a message or feedback, or information received during oral communication between the User and the Operator of the online service.

Data processing means any actions with Data, including, but not limited to: access, provision, distribution, collection, systematization, storage, accumulation, recording, transmission, blocking, deletion, clarification, updating and/or modification, depersonalization and other ways of using Data by the Operator of the online service.

The User, having registered in the Online Service, while entering his personal Data and/or providing this Data in another way, and/or performing any actions within the Online Service and/or using any part of the site and/or, by giving consent – activated/registered an account in the Online Service and/or activated (clicked) the “place an order” button through the website form (tick), expresses his agreement with the provisions of this Policy and provides the Operator of the online service, as well as third parties, who provide services to the Operator of the online service, ensuring its functioning, permission to process their own personal data

Users may provide Data independently by placing such data on the Online Service or by reporting via telephone communication channels and/or to the e-mail and/or postal address of the Operator of the Online Service, or Data may be provided from other sources (in accordance with Clause 3 of this Policies) for example, from the feedback of Users (evaluation, comments, confirmation of information) or other information from third parties provided in the course of sending claims, complaints and/or when considering disputes, and/or information from well-known sources on the Internet.

The User has no right to use the Online Service if he does not agree with the terms of this Policy.

The User acknowledges that in the case of his careless attitude to the security and protection of his Data and authorization data (password, login), third parties may gain unauthorized access to the User’s account and Data. The operator of the online service is not responsible for damages caused by such Access.

2. What Data may be collected

The Online Service Operator may collect the following Data:

● name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, gender, details of the authorized person of the company, name of the company, details of the company, contact numbers, e-mail address, address of the location of the company, other contact data at the request of the User;
● information that Users provide to the Online Service Operator when concluding contracts for the provision of services by accepting a public offer posted in the Online Service and/or concluding contracts for the provision of additional services to the Online Service;
● information about the User’s account, including phone number, e-mail address, other Data necessary for providing service to Users of the Online Service, communication with Users, including when the User contacts the support service of the Online Service;
● data about devices used by Users, information about Users’ websites and/or their mobile Data (if the User uses mobile applications) such as: IP address; date and time when the User uses the Online Service, information about the software, as well as the web browser used by the User, information about the operating system of the mobile device, information about the operation of the User’s devices, individual identifiers of the devices used by the Users;
● data obtained as a result of the Online Service Operator and/or third parties authorized by the Online Service Operator conducting various surveys related to improving the provision of services to Users; information received by the Online Service Operator as a result of marketing activities;

● information posted by Users based on the results of their service, reviews, comments, appeals to the support service, complaints, claims, other appeals.
The online service operator can use the following technologies:

● Cookies files (cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to the User’s computer when visiting a web page and/or when viewing an advertising module on a web page and are stored on the User’s computer and/or in his mobile device);

● pixels (pixels – digital images, an element of the matrix of displays that form images), which allow tracking the frequency of use of the Web page by the User in order to determine the User’s browser and to eliminate errors in the Online Service, while all information is processed “as is” and does not change during the Data collection process.

3. Use and purpose of Data processing

The operator of the online service uses and processes Data for the purpose of:

● implementation of the functions, powers and duties entrusted to the Operator of the online service in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as ensuring the implementation of civil, economic and tax relations;

● for identification of the client as a User of the Online service, for communication with the User, including for the provision of services, payment processing, sending, settlement operations, reporting, accounting and management accounting, creation and implementation of bonus programs, loyalty programs , sending newsletters by mail, e-mail, including for the purpose of sending commercial offers, notices about promotions and other news of the Online service, in order to improve the quality of service provision, form ratings, analyze the activity of Users, perform keyword searches, manage traffic on Online – service, analysis and forecasting of preferences and interests of Users; carrying out research and analytical activity.

The operator of the online service does not process data related to race, nationality, political views, religious and other beliefs, membership in public organizations. Information that characterizes the physiological characteristics of Users, on the basis of which it is possible to establish their identity, is also not processed.

Data processing and storage terms are determined based on the purposes of Data processing, as well as based on the conditions specified in the contracts concluded with Users in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

4. Conditions for providing access to Data

Disclosure of Data occurs when the User receives the services of the Online Service in the amount necessary for the identification of the User.

The online service contains links to other web resources to which this Policy does not apply.

The operator of the online service processes the Data on a legal and fair basis: the Data is not disclosed to third parties and is not distributed without the User’s consent, with the exception of cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine and only in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively :

● upon justified requests of state authorities, which have the right to demand and receive such Data;

● in the event that, in the opinion of the Online Service Operator, the User violates the terms of this Policy and/or other contracts and agreements concluded between the Online Service Operator and the User.

The operator of the online service reserves the right, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, to exchange data with state authorities for the purpose of: preventing fraud in the online service; settlement of disputed situations and clarification of circumstances that are/may be the cause of violation of current legislation, as well as in the case of detection by the Online Service Operator of illegal actions of Users of the Online Service and/or receipt of claims, complaints, appeals from third parties.

5. How to change/delete Data or withdraw consent

Users can at any time change/delete personal information or refuse to receive mailings, or withdraw consent to Data processing through their Personal Account of the User of the Online Service or by sending a message to the e-mail address: [email protected].

After receiving such a notification, the processing of the User’s Data will be stopped, and his Data will be deleted, except when such processing may be necessary in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The functioning of some features of the Online Service, which require the availability of information about the User, may be terminated from the moment of changing/deleting the Data.

The operator of the online service processes and stores the Data for the purposes specified in this Policy during the entire necessary period for this, but no more than 5 (five) years from the date of the User’s last interaction with the Online Service.

6. Data Protection

The operator of the online service, when processing Data, applies all necessary technical, organizational, and legal measures to protect Data from illegal and/or unauthorized access to such Data, including from changes, deletion, provision, distribution, as well as other illegal actions.

The operator of the online service constantly monitors the security measures taken.

7. Additional conditions

The operator of the online service reserves the right to change the terms of this Policy at any time. In this case, the updated edition will be posted on the page at the link: If the User does not agree with the changes, he undertakes to immediately stop any interaction with the Online Service.

The operator of the online service is not responsible for damage or losses suffered by the User or third parties as a result of misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Policy.

In the event that any provisions of this Policy, including any proposals, clauses or their parts, are recognized as contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine, or as invalid, this does not affect the other provisions of this Policy, they remain in full are in force and continue to be in full force and effect, and any other invalid provision or provision that cannot be performed without further action by the Parties shall be considered modified, corrected to the extent necessary to ensure its validity and possibility implementation.